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Our Mission

Bringing a new technology or an innovation into the German market is often a task, which requires not only time and effort but also money. The core of AlphaScience's business is technology transfer by licensing or starting new technology companies in Germany. We source our technologies from academy and private investors and work with our international network to find selected matching partners.

Direct sales for your products

AlphaScience markets and sells directly innovative products with a strong scientific background. If you are able to supply the AlphaScience customers with innovative products, instruments or service, do not hesitate to contact us.

AlphaScience is always looking to keep the product and service range updated and attractive for our customers. For the German and Austrian market we are exclusive partner for a broad number of leading international diagnostic manufacturers. We are always interested in new technologies and product lines to fill existing gaps of our portfolio.
In addition we offer co-operations and products under AlphaScience brand in the areas of research, development and sales for new diagnostic products in the markets of infectious disease, coagulation and clinical-chemistry.
Joint operation with a group of leading medical laboratories in Germany proofs quality and functionality of our products under routine conditions every day.
AlphaScience fills the gaps in your European business. We are not only a consultant we start actively the introductory marketing for your products in the market.

Our goal is to generate the first direct sales for your products or services in Germany

About AlphaScience