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Our Network

Our position close to the academia gives us a unique view into the latest achievements of science. For you as a company, AlphaScience provides a direct link to the scientific world and newest innovations.

Our wide collaboration with innovators and researchers both in Germany and abroad is the basis for our growing portfolio.

Communities - Federations - Associations

We follow continuously the trends and events in the life-science, biotech and diagnostic industry and have a wide contact network to identify potential business partners. With this, AlphaScience is an efficient conduit for bringing research results into commercial use. To keep us and our partners always updated with the most actual information from European Government, European science and industry, AlphaScience works with various communities, federations and associations.

Some of the most important are :


The initiative of a multinational group of professionals resulted in the establishment of the non-profit Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals on 31 December 1999.
The Mission of ASTP is to professionalise and promote technology transfer between the European science base and industry.


European Federation of Biotechnology
The European Federation of Biotechnology is the non-profit association of all national and cross-national Learned Societies, Universities, Institutes, Companies and Individuals interested in the promotion of Biotechnology throughout Europe and beyond.


Frankfurt Biotech Alliance
The Frankfurt Biotech Alliance is a pacemaker for the Frankfurt biotechnology region. This Alliance is qualified contact partner for companies, politics and press.
The Frankfurt Biotech Alliance represents those, who work in the field of life-science either in research, production, sales or consulting.

The Life Sciences and Health Care sector is undergoing unprecedented change; technological advantages and regulatory harmonization have been coupled with rising R&D costs, degreasing productivity and high profile product failures. The traditional business model for the development of new diagnostic products and methods has never been under greater scrutiny as academia, CROs, health care and biotech organizations change the way healthcare- and diagnostic products are developed and delivered.

We at AlphaScience GmbH understand this. This is why through our international network of advisors within industry, academia and regulatory authorities we are able to develop and provide solutions to some of the most pressing issues. In addition AlphaScience has partnered with a core group of professional service companies that are all leaders in their respective fields. Our partner firms have the current knowledge and experience in the European market needed to help foreign-based clients successfully enter and establish a business presence in the European market.
AlphaScience GmbH deliver cost effective networking opportunities that give our clients the ability to make informed decisions.

Our Network

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