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Product Partnering

International developments in Life-Science have shown that it takes far more to make a profitable company than just promising research results or product ideas. The timescale and capital requirements for a product to reach maturity and marketability had frequently been greatly underestimated by both entrepreneurs and investors.

What does an enterprise do, when a product comes out of the R&D department, has reached marketability status, patents have been granted, licensing agreements could be made, or a cooperation could be set up?
If only 30% of Biotech companies have their own distribution network, mostly employ less than 10 people, and 88% of enterprises find their focus in research activities, then the logical consequence is:

Nobody knows about the extraordinary competence in
  the respective field
- Nobody knows that a company is offering or looking for cooperation
- Nobody is able to successfully market a newly developed product
- Nobody is able to understand innovative ideas

AlphaScience can plan, execute and control all necessary measures for the successful and customer-oriented marketing of new products, services or licenses.
AlphaScience wants to act beyond the usual services offered by distributors in the following areas:

Development of a long term distribution plan
- Constant two-way information exchange
- Regular reports on the current market situation
- Creation of product and field studies for strategic analyses
  of the partners
- Collection and documentation of complaints
- Complaint handling according to legal requirements

Additionally we want to add products and services to our portfolio which would be discontinued upon company mergers and acquisitions, or due to portfolio culling. These should then be offered as for good laboratory praxis still important niche products to interested parties.

About AlphaScience