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"The heart of Europe"

The Rhein-Main region offers an excellent opportunity to capitalise on recent breakthroughs in the life sciences. Its biotechnology network, business community, location and infrastructure combine to create the perfect environment for success in the European biotech market.

Europe's largest "Pharmacy"

As Europe's largest "Pharmacy",
Rhein-Main region hosts established :

- Diagnostic & Pharmaceutical giants
  like: Boehringer Ingelheim, Aventis, Abbott, E. Merck, Biotest AG, Roche Diagnostics and Fresenius 
- More than 100 Biotech start-ups
- Bio-technology Parks (>100 companies)
- Five Universities
The European Molecular & Biological Laboratories (EMBL)
- The National Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Many more international companies provide opportunities for collaborative agreements and strategic alliances.

Infrastructure, the "Lifeblood of Business"

The Rhein-Main region is located at the heart of the European continent. With the largest airport in continental Europe, Europe's biggest passenger train station, excellent cargo ports (both river and air), access to Germany's most important highways, high speed telecom infrastructure, and continental Europe's busiest internet hub, the Rhein-Main region is the perfect portal for European market entry. Competence attracts further competence. And research results in further research expectations. The process becomes dynamic, further growth is inevitable.

Scientific Rhein-Main region is not merely a Never-ending Story of Success but local conditions present its first address for the future

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